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09 October 2015, Antarctica, Casey Station (AU) - "Times are a changin", by Zac.W, This week at Casey: 9 October 2015, Australian Antarctic Division

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Iceberg in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
Photo Alexander Krivenyshev,

Antarctica icebergs Amundsen Sea Photo Alexander Krivenyshev WorldTimeZone
Casey time now matches Hobart.

With just over three weeks till the first flight and the start of the summer season, it was time to change the station clock to match Kingston, Tasmania (head office).

It was decided by the people who decide such things that this would occur at the same time as when Tasmania changed their clocks, last Sunday morning. Unlike Tasmania, where people lost one hour of sleep, the time zone change here was three hours, moving from UTC+8 to UTC+11. We made up for the lost sleep by declaring Monday a public holiday which was one owing to us from many months ago.

However, after a late Saturday evening had by some on station, it was well after lunch on Sunday when some people got out of bed.

Clocks showing station time zones - Mawson is now six hours behind.

Casey time now matches Hobart.

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