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04/13/2007, Australia - "NSW, Vic, ACT to extend daylight saving", The Age Company Ltd.

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Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania have agreed to extend DST by a month, from the first Sunday in October to the first Sunday in April.

Two Australian states and a territory have agreed to Tasmania's proposal to join its longer daylight saving period.

The move will bring NSW, Victoria, the ACT into the same daylight saving period as Tasmania - from the first Sunday in October until the first Sunday in April.

Tasmania previously has been one hour out of step with the other states for three weeks each spring because it starts its daylight saving earlier.

The change was agreed on Thursday, ahead of the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in Canberra, where a formal agreement will be signed.

Premier Paul Lennon says he believes the change will benefit all Tasmanians and provide lifestyle advantages for other states.

"Of course, it's been a cause of concern for business in Tasmania for some time and a source of annoyance for the wider Tasmanian population travelling interstate, or for those people coming to Tasmania," he told the ABC.

"It's been difficult for airline schedules, for business dealings interstate et cetera, and this will bring it all into line."

Meanwhile, Queensland is going it alone, for now.

While Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said he was happy for his state to remain in a different time zone, he has commissioned research which may lead to the banana state finally joining Australia's other eastern states.

He called arguments about Queensland being left behind economically because of its daylight saving stance utter nonsense.

"These arguments are 70s, it's all bloody passe," Mr Beattie told reporters.

"No one's interested other than a few people who want to argue about it."

NSW Premier Morris Iemma offered no advice to Mr Beattie, but said he was keen for NSW to join the other states.

"He's got a position on daylight saving, we've agreed to harmonise our dates," he said.

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