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Government of South Australia News Release,

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Premier Mike Rann
Hon Michael Wright
Minister for Industrial Relations


An extension of daylight saving will be piloted in South Australia early next year.

The move brings SA into line with NSW, Victoria, the ACT and Tasmania who are all extending the daylight saving period so that it ends on the first Sunday in April 2008 and then begins on the first Sunday in October 2008.

The State Government’s decision follows broad consultation with the South Australian community, which indicated majority support for the extension.

SafeWork SA received around 6,500 responses via phone, email, letters and an online survey of the South Australian Strategic Plan contact group.

Premier Mike Rann says 67 per cent of the total response supported the proposed concept.

“The community has shown a strong level of support for an extension of daylight saving.

“Consistency with the eastern states who observe daylight saving will be more convenient for South Australian businesses and help them avoid added costs and confusion.

“However South Australia will not be adopting Eastern Standard Time. We are simply following other States in starting daylight saving three weeks earlier and finishing one week later.

“To do other would have meant that for some weeks, South Australia would have been one and a half hours behind the other States, not half an hour.

“This would have had a detrimental impact on SA businesses as well as airline and other scheduling.

“In addition, extended daylight hours allow people to have more time for recreation after work and more time with family.

“The Government also recognises the significant opposition to the proposal, especially from those living on the West Coast.

“We will work with regional councils and community organisations to develop ways of reducing the impact of extended daylight saving.

“The Government wants to see how this extension of daylight saving works over the course of a year before making the decision about whether it should become a permanent fixture,” said Mr Rann.

Industrial Relations Minister Michael Wright says the extension will give South Australians around an extra month of daylight saving.

“Since 1995, daylight saving has begun on the last Sunday in October and finished on the last Sunday in March.

“This proposal will see us receive an extra four to five weeks of daylight saving.

“The extension will also have a positive impact on targets contained in South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

“Extended daylight saving will help SA maintain a competitive business climate with the eastern states, will boost tourism with more events able to be held in the evening and allow more time for people to take part in outdoor sport and recreation,” said Mr Wright.

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