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03/29/2008, Australia - "Daylight saving ends early tomorrow morning",
West Australian Newspapers, JANE HAMMOND

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Daylight saving ends early tomorrow morning

Western Australians can wind their clocks back an hour tonight in time for the official end of daylight saving at 2am tomorrow morning.

The end to the controversial trial will give early morning exercisers a brief reprieve from total morning darkness before the season takes what is left of the morning light.

Daylight saving was introduced in Western Australia for a three-year trial period starting December 2006.

The trial has polarised the state and looks likely to become a major election issue.

But the State Government has already indicated it has no plans to end the trial early.

The next phase of the trial will start on the last Sunday in October.

A referendum will then be held the issue in 2009.

Things will get even more complicated for the next seven days when WA will be 3 hours behind Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and New South Wales, and 2.5 hours behind South Australia because the majority of the nation will conclude daylight saving a week later than WA.

From April 6 Western Australia will revert to being 2 hours behind Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and New South Wales, and 1.5 hours behind South Australia.

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