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04 April 2011, South Australia - "Member of the South Australian Parliament to push for South Australia time zone change", Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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The Devil's Marbles, Australia's Northern Territory.
Photo Alexander Krivenyshev,

The Devil's Marbles Australia Northern Territory Photo Alexander Krivenyshev WorldTimeZone
Family First MP Robert Brokenshire will make a push in the South Australian Parliament to move the state's time zone to one hour behind the eastern states.

He says it is a reasonable compromise in the ongoing debate about daylight saving and would help farmers.

There is said to be support on the state's west coast where many people get up for work and school in the dark toward the end of daylight saving.

Ceduna mayor Allan Suter thinks a change would be supported across the region.

"It's better than what we have, the one hour extension is an absolute nuisance and a problem for west coast people," he said.

"That's better than the ridiculous situation we're putting up with now when you get daylight at quarter to eight. It rapidly loses its appeal."

Daylight saving ended on Sunday when clocks were put back one hour.

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