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04/05/2009, Bangladesh - "Ministries asked to send opinions on light-saving plan by Thursday", newspaper "The Daily Star", UNB, Dhaka

"Ministries asked to send opinions on light-saving plan by Thursday"

Day advances by an hour in Bangladesh under an innovative light-saving plan being finalised by the government, which may come into effect from June after completion of the HSC examinations.

The ministry of power today asked all the ministries to send in their respective views by Thursday on the idea of advancing daytime by one hour.

In the wake of severe electricity crisis in the country, the power ministry has recently moved the proposal to cut down electricity consumption, under which the clock will be set forward by an hour across the country.

It means offices and businesses will open an hour earlier and then also close in advance by an hour, resulting in a change of habit for people to rise early and go to bed early.

To moot the idea, the Power Division of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources convened a meeting in its conference room Sunday to hear from other ministries on the change of daytime.

Representatives from about 18 ministries were present at the meeting, who said that they would send their views later on.

Top officials of power and energy divisions and also Prime Minister’s Adviser Dr Tawfiq-E-Elahi Chowdhury Birbikram attended the meeting.

“We’ve requested all the ministries concerned to let us know their views on the matter by Thursday next,” State Minister for Power and Energy Shamsul Haque Tuku told reporters after the meeting at his ministry. He said that if other ministries support the daylight-saving proposal, then it will be placed before the Cabinet for government’s final decision.

If the proposal is approved, the change of the day will take place from June because of the HSC examination that begins on April 16 and runs till May 28.

04/05/2009, Bangladesh - "Decision on 'daylight saving' soon", Bangladesh First Online Newspaper (

"Decision on 'daylight saving' soon"

The power, energy and mineral resources ministry has sought advice and decisions by Thursday from other concerned ministries over introducing daylight saving hours to conserve power.

"We want to introduce daylight saving because it is much easier to conserve 1MW power in this way than it is to produce an extra 1MW of electricity," state minister for power Shamsul Haq Tuku told reporters on Sunday.

The ministry has been planning to set clocks forward by one hour, for an 'extra' hour of daylight, to manage the acute power crisis across the country.

The minister was speaking after a meeting on the matter attended by adviser to the prime minister Toufique–e-Elahi Chowdhury and officials from others ministries.

"The matter needed to be further discussed with all official stakeholders. We asked them to submit their written advice and decisions by Thursday on whether to introduce this system," said Tuku.

"Another meeting will be held next week after receiving the replies to make a final decision; for now it is still on the discussion table," he added.

The power ministry is seeking replies from 18-19 ministries and divisions on the issue.

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