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09 September 2016, Turkey - "United Nations: Cyprus leaders will have to decide on time zone issue", Tornos News

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Two time zones in Cyprus?

Two time zones in Cyprus World Time Zone

Two time zones to be implemented in Cyprus.

The community leaders in Cyprus will have to decide when and how to address the issue has arisen from the decision to not change the time in the occupied areas, UNFICYP spokesperson Aleem Siddique has said on Friday.

“The UN remains focused on facilitating the sides in their efforts to reach a comprehensive settlement as soon as possible. The two sides will decide when and how to address such issues,” Siddique told CNA, when invited to comment on the decision taken on Thursday by the so called ‘cabinet’ in the occupied areas.

Cyprus, in line with all EU countries, will revert to winter time at the end of October.

Turkey decided on Thursday that they would not be changing their clocks.

In the afternoon on Thursday, press reports from the occupied areas had said the so called ‘TRNC’ would be following suit, effectively creating two different time zones on the island.

President Anastasiades referred to the issue in a speech on Friday, after meeting with the President of Greece in Athens, saying that it shows that the occupied areas are still largely influenced by Turkey.

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