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30 October, 2017, Finland - "Finland moves to winter time as criticism for the seasonal exercise grows", by Aleksi Teivainen, Helsinki Times.

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Finland urges EU to stop daylight savings time because change makes people sick

The clocks were turned back an hour as the daylight savings time ended in Finland in the early hours of Sunday.

Calls to end the seasonal switch between daylight savings and standard time have intensified in recent years, with studies linking the switch not only to short-term sleeping disorders but also to more serious health issues.

All 13 Finnish Members of the European Parliament, for example, issued a joint statement last week urging the European Union to scrap its regulation on daylight savings time. The regulation essentially stipulates that all member states must switch from standard to daylight savings time – and vice versa – at the same time.

“Our understanding of the impacts of the biological clock has improved. The Nobel Prize in Medicine was this year granted to researchers who have studied the biological clock and the daily cycle,” they highlighted.

The Blue Parliamentary Group echoed the demands of the MEPs on Saturday.

“Changing the clocks is one example of an absolutely needless EU regulation. The benefits have been shown to be non-existent, whereas the adverse effects are self-evident. The practice creates needless confusion, and people have been found to show symptoms,” stated Sampo Terho (BR), the Minister of European Affairs, Culture and Sports.

The Parliament’s Transport and Communications Committee, similarly, recommended last week that the government begin lobbying for abolishing the regulation after being presented with a citizens’ initiative signed by over 70,000 members of the public, who cited public health concerns as grounds for putting an end to daylight savings time.

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