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February 24, 2010, Fiji - "Daylight saving under review", Fiji Times.

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Fiji Chamber of Commerce is in favour of ending daylight saving by February 28


In a circular to its 300 members yesterday, the THE Fiji Employers Federation called for responses to a proposed Cabinet paper to end daylight saving by the end of the month.

It follows the Labour Ministry's bid to employers and unions for submissions to end daylight saving months ahead of its initial April 25 deadline.


Fiji Chamber of Commerce is in favour of ending daylight saving by February 28.

"Our members, most of whom start work at 8-8.30am are concerned about workers arriving late because children are being dropped off," Mr Maharaj said. "We want to avoid disruptions because customers and businesses are affected in turn."


February 19, 2010, Fiji - "Bells to ring an hour later", Fiji Times.

ALL schools across the country will begin an hour later than usual from Monday, as part of a bid to reduce risk to students.


The change in school hours moving from 8am to 9am becomes effective on Monday. This means that school hours are now 9am to 3pm.

A statement released by the Ministry of Education said students were at risk because they travelled to school under near dark conditions in the morning.


Under normal time, the sun is expected to rise around 6.03am, but with the current daylight saving time in place, the sun rises around 7.03am.


February 17, 2010, Fiji - "FCOSS wants daylight saving to stop", Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Government should stop the daylight saving program from next month, says the Executive Director of Fiji Council of Social Services Hassan Khan.

Khan says daylight saving is having an adverse effect on school children.

He says students are struggling to prepare in the morning, as it is still dark after 6 am.

"We are finding at this stage as the day is getting shorter children are finding it very hard to be able to be on time to school. Parents and teachers complain that children come to school without having proper breakfast and this is not appropriate for a learning environment because one cannot study with an empty stomach and a sleepy mind."

Khan says students in rural schools are the ones particularly affected.

February 10, 2010, Fiji - "FTU wants different for students", Fiji Times.

THE Fiji Teachers Union says students should be exempted from following daylight savings.

FTU general secretary Agni Deo Singh said they had received calls from many concerned parents where students had to walk to the main road in the dark.

"Students in the rural areas have to use torches and other forms of lighting to get to the main highway to catch the bus," he said.

He said daylight savings should not beyond February for students.

"After March the darkness will pose a serious problem for students," he said.

According to Mr Singh this concern was also raised during the meeting of the Employment Relations Advisory Board.

"We were assured that the matter would be taken into consideration," he said.

He said when the board endorsed daylight saving the education sector was promised the schools would not be affected.

Mr Singh said the concern was raised again in January with the board with no result.

This paper also received several letters to the editor from concerned parents on the initiative.

Parents have mostly raised concern on children walking in the dark.

One parent said there were so many crimes against children these days that they should walk to school when it was bright.

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