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09/21/2009, Iran - "Daylight saving in Iran starts Monday", Iran Press TV
article should be "Winter Time in Iran starts Monday" (

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Daylight saving in Iran starts Monday
article should be "Winter Time in Iran starts Monday" (

Iran is to observe daylight savings time ( text should be " ... Iran is to observe Winter Time" (, adjusting backward its official time by one hour at 0:00 hours Tuesday September 22.

The lesser hours of daylight in the evenings will run until March 21, 2010 at which time Iranians will adjust their watches forward by an hour.

Iran had observed daylight savings time for 15 years until March 2006, when the Ahmadinejad administration decided to temporarily stop the practice, saying the pause will allow experts to better study whether or not DST affects energy consumption as it was originally intended.

After a year of serious debate over the issue, the Iranian parliament passed a bill to return to the practice in 2008.

The official Iranian time will change once at the beginning of the Iranian calendar year and once again at the start of the second half of each year, on September 23.

Daylight Savings Time - DST - also known as Summer Time - has the ultimate goal of saving energy. It involves adjusting the official local time forward during the summer months, for a fuller utilization of sunlight. Observation of local time is then adjusted to better reflect natural time - the sun - for winter.

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