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June 11, 2007, Korea - "South Korea needs to introduce daylight saving time, official says", Yonhap News

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South Korea needs to put its clocks forward an hour in the summer to reduce energy use, an official said Monday.

He was referring to Korea adopting daylight saving time, a system in which clocks are set an hour ahead of standard time.

If South Korea introduces daylight saving time between April and September, it would result in savings of US$97 million worth of crude oil imports a year, Seong Shi-hyun, head of the energy management team at the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, said in a statement.

"The government is planning a public advertising campaign to increase people's awareness of the system," the official said.

Of the 30 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, South Korea, Japan and Iceland are the only ones that have not introduced it, Seong said.

The South Korean government plans to discuss when it will introduce daylight saving time with the Japanese government, according to the statement.

The official's remarks will be presented later in the day at a meeting organized by the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI), the nation's biggest business lobbying group, to explore ways to implement the system.

Polls show people aren't in favor of daylight saving time, partly because it would mean longer work hours, said Yang Eun-yeon, a senior researcher at the business group.

Daylight saving time was used in South Korea from 1986 to 1988, when the nation hosted the Asian Games and Olympic Games, Yang said.

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