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November 4, 2012 Libya - "Clocks to go back an hour on Saturday", Libya Herald

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Clocks to go back an hour on Saturday

It has been announced that clocks will go back an hour at two o’clock in the morning of Saturday, 10 November.

The decision was taken by the outgoing government of Abdurrahman Al-Kib.

The daylight saving move means that Libya will stay in the same time zone as countries such as Malta, Italy and France. Most European countries in the Greenwich Mean Time + 1 time zone put their clocks back an hour on Sunday, 28 October.

Many countries in the northern hemisphere operate daylight saving although no other country in North Africa apart from Morocco does. Of the countries that operate different winter and summer times, almost all put their clocks forward on the last Sunday in March and back on the last Sunday in October. In an age of mass aviation transport, it simplifies timetables.

Libya will in future cause a brief hiccup as far as that is concerned. It is planned that clocks will again go forward at one o’clock in the morning of last Friday, rather than the last Sunday, of March of each year and summer time will end at two o’clock in the morning of last Friday of October.

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