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August 15, 2015, North Korea - "Pyongyang Time starts to tick", by Choe Chol Nam , The Pyongyang Times

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In the run-up to the 70th anniversary of Korea's liberation the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly declared on August 5 that time based on 127 degrees 30 minutes east longitude will become the DPRK's standard time and it will come into effect on August 15.

Designation of Pyongyang Time abandoning the previous time system a landmark is event for the nation as it corrects a century-old wrongdoing of Japan and safeguards national sovereignty.

Every clock's long hand moved back 30 minutes at 0:30 on August 15 to signal the start of the momentous day.

At 0:00 on August 15, in tune with the country's standard clock of the Pyongyang Astronomical Observation, the Pyongyang Bell tolled reminding the people of the jubilation of the first New Year's Day after the country's liberation.

At the historic moment, the tower clocks of the Grand People's Study House and Pyongyang Railway Station rang out.

Sirens in public places and industrial establishments across the country blew and locomotives and ships whistled all at once.

Service personnel on patrol at the forefront, on islands, in the air and under the sea as well as space scientists and people reset their clocks and watches.

People around the country celebrated the event enjoying strokes of new time.

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