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09/29/2009, Pakistan - "One-hour clocks reversal from Nov 1: Sumsam",
Associated Press Of Pakistan

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One-hour clocks reversal from Nov 1

The government has decided to reverse the clocks by one hour from Nov 1, said Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Syed Sumsam Ali Shah Bukhari.This year advance of time started on April 15 and would be reversed one hour at 12.00 hours midnight of November 1, he told journalists.It merits mentioned here that Federal Cabinet had decided to advance the clocks by one hour every year to overcome the energy crisis and to use maximum daylight.

Pakistan experimented with one hour advance of time in 2002 on the first Sunday in April at 00:00 to first Sunday in October at 00:00.

Pakistan has implemented this practice again from June 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008 to meet the annual shortfall of electricity.

The government later extended the schedule to October 31, which also included the holy month of Ramadan, which began in early September.

This practice has helped the government to save around 400 MW of electricity.

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09/28/2009, Pakistan - "Clocks to go back one hour from 1 Oct",
Associated Press Of Pakistan

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Clocks to go back one hour from 1 Oct

The clocks across the country would be turned back by an hour from October 1, official in the Ministry of Interior said. The current Pakistan Standard Time (PST) would be reversed by one hour at 12am on October 1, the official told APP here Monday.

The clocks were advanced by one hour at midnight of June 1 in pursuance of daylight saving system.

Daylight saving system was aimed at saving the consumption of electricity at night by utilizing an extra hour in a day for daylight activities.

The Government had estimated to save 400 MW electricity through this daylight saving system.

The federal cabinet had approved moving the clocks one hour ahead for daylight saving to meet the ongoing electricity shortfall in the country.

Last year, the government had also turned the clocks ahead on June 1 to avail an extra hour of daylight for conserving energy to contain the power shortfall.

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