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20 May 2011, Guttenberg, USA - "On the Calculation of Time",

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Moscow, Red Square. Tourists with kanga.
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"On the Calculation of Time" (in Russia)- bill 509727-5

Russian State Duma passed the third reading of the bill 509727-5 "On the Calculation of Time" (in Russia) and adopted a law abolishing the transition to daylight saving time.

Bill itself does not mentioned anything about daylight saving time, however Article 10 repealed the law «On regulation of calculating time on the territory of the Russian Federation" from October 23, 1991 1790-I, which defines introduction of Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) in Russia.

There is also no specific and details for each Time zones in Russia.

Full text of the bill is from State Duma web site (in Russian)

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