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20 september 2012 - "Bill to set clocks to permanent winter time submitted"
The Moscow News by Nathan Toohey

Bill to set clocks to permanent winter time submitted

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Moscow, Red Square. Tourists with WorldTimeZone sarong (kanga).
Photo © Alexander Krivenyshev,
world time zone sarong in Moscow Russia Alexander Krivenyshev worldtimezone

The chairman of the State Duma's heath care committee, Sergei Kalashnikov, has submitted a bill to turn the nation's clocks back one hour to winter time - permanently. The bill is widely expected to be passed.

"We propose turning the clock back by one hour, to winter time, that way 54 regions will live according to astronomical time," RIA Novosti quoted Kalashnikov as saying on Thursday. "Furthermore, we propose that the seasonal swap to summer time be canceled."

Last summer, then-president Dmitry Medvedev canceled daylight saving time and set the clocks to permanent summer time.

P.S. It is unclear if all Russian regions will turn their's clocks back one hour (in the past Kamchatka region was against moving it's clock back from UTC+12 to UTC+11) (WorldTimeZone)

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