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September 27, 2013, "Spanish MPs considering time zone change", TopNews Spain

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Sun Clock at the Antoni Gaudi Museum, Guell Park, Barcelona, Spain
Photo Alexander Krivenyshev,

Sun Clock at the Antoni Gaudi Museum Guell Park Barcelona Spain Photo Alexander Krivenyshev WorldTimeZone
Spanish MPs considering time zone change.

Spanish leaders are mulling the possibility of a change in time zones after a parliamentary commission said in its report that the country has been in the wrong time zone for more than seven decades.

A recently-published report also suggested that changing time zones by an hour would improve people's eating, sleeping as well as working habits.

General Franco, dictator of Spain, had moved the country onto Central European Time (CET) to follow Nazi Germany in 1942. But, many experts have argued that the country should be in the same time zone as Portugal and the U. K.

Spain is located on the western edge of Europe. Currently, the country is two hours ahead of GMT during the summer and one hour ahead in the winter.

The parliamentary commission report said, "Our timetable is determined more by the sun than by the clock. We eat at one o'clock in the afternoon and dine at eight, according to the sun, but the clock says it is three o'clock and 10 o'clock."

The report added that people in Spain sleep almost an hour less than what the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends, and less sleep has a negative effect on stress, absenteeism and productivity.

It further said that adjusting clocks back by an hour would improve people's eating, sleeping and working habits, which would enhance productivity.

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