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08/08/2005, U.S.A. - "Daylight Saving Time Extended", Energy Policy Act of 2005

Energy Efficiency

Appliance Standards: The bill includes energy efficiency standards for 15 new products, including commercial refrigeration, commercial heaters, ceiling fans, traffic signals, and other home and business products. (The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy has done extensive analysis of the impact of the various efficiency provisions. (

Daylight Savings Time (DST): Effective in 2007, DST will begin the second Sunday in March (instead of the first Sunday in April) continuing through the first Sunday in November (instead of the last Sunday in October). This was opposed by a number of groups concerned about children going to school in the dark and the lack of synchronization with foreign airlines. In the end, the conferees shortened the original House passed change. (Sec. 110)

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