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April 1, 2011, Stanley, Falkland Islands - "FALKLANDS NOT TO FALL BACK IN APRIL",
Falkland Islands News Network.
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Christ Church Cathedral and Whalebone Arch, Stanley, Falkland Isl.
Photo 2008 Alexander Krivenyshev,

According to a Falkland Islands Government press release, Executive Council has agreed that, on a trial basis during 2011, Government clocks will not go back this winter. This means that the Falkland Islands will remain on .summer time. throughout the whole of 2011. Normally clocks revert back to mean time on the 3rd Sunday in April.

Calendars currently indicate that clocks will go back one hour at 2am on 17 April 2011. Those indications should be ignored for this year and, depending on the trial results, may not be printed on calendars in forthcoming years.

Advantages gained from the trial include more time to contact UK and Europe during the working day, and lighter evenings during the winter.

Practical arrangements are being made to ensure this information is widely disseminated here and abroad, and further notices will be published in due course to help remind the public that they do not need to put their clocks back this year.

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