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Trans-Sibierian Railway, train conductors with map of time zones
Trans-Sibierian Railway, train conductors with map of time zones
(WorldTimeZone sarong-kanga).

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Apia Clock tower with Daylight Saving Time sign Samoa
Apia Clock tower with "Daylight Saving Time" sign
Cape Mulinuu western most tip of Samoa Sawaii
Cape Mulinuu (Sunset Point)- western most tip of Samoa, Sawaii
Samoa Tourism Authority Apia Upolu Samoa
Samoa Tourism Authority, Apia, Upolu, Samoa
Sunrise Rainbow 2 min after sunrise Upolu Samoa
Sunrise Rainbow, 2 min after sunrise, Upolu, Samoa
Samoa Observer staff posing with WorldTimeZone sarong Apia Upolu Samoa
"Samoa Observer" staff with WorldTimeZone sarong, Samoa
Pulemelei pyramid Tia Seu Ancient Mound largest and most ancient structure in Polynesia Savaii Samoa
Pulemelei pyramid - largest ancient structure in Polynesia, Samoa
Children are walking back from school Upolu Samoa
Children are walking back from school, Upolu, Samoa
Robert Louis Stevenson museum Villa Vailima Upolu Samoa
Robert Louis Stevenson museum, Villa Vailima, Upolu, Samoa

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