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31 August 2011, World Time Zone - "New Russian Time Zones as of August 31, 2011 according to Decree # 725 of the Government of the Russian Federation"*, Alexander Krivenyshev,      Russia Time Zone Map

Russian time zones and the corresponding areas/federal subjects/districts/cities/adminstative centers:

Russia Time Zone 9 City / Administrative center MSK+8 UTC+12
Chukotsky Avtonomny Okrug (Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Chukotka) Anadyr MSK+8 UTC+12
Kamchatsky Krai (Kamchatka Krai, Kamchatka) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky MSK+8 UTC+12
Magadanskaya Oblast (Magadan Oblast, Magadan Region) Magadan MSK+8 UTC+12
Sakha Republic (Yakutia):
Abyysky District (Abyysky Ulus)
Belaya Gora MSK+8 UTC+12
Allaikhovsky District (Allaikhovsky Ulus)
Chokurdakh MSK+8 UTC+12
Verkhnekolymsky District (Verkhnekolymsky Ulus)
Zyryanka MSK+8 UTC+12
Momsky District (Momsky Ulus)
Khonuu MSK+8 UTC+12
Nizhnekolymsky District (Nizhnekolymsky Ulus)
Chersky MSK+8 UTC+12
Srednekolymsky District (Srednekolymsky Ulus)
Srednekolymsk MSK+8 UTC+12
Sakhalinskaya Oblast (Sakhalin Oblast, Sakhalin Region):
Severo-Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands)
Severo-Kurilsk (Paramushir island) MSK+8 UTC+12

Russia Time Zone 8 City / Administrative center MSK+7 UTC+11
Primorsky Krai (Primorye, Maritime Territory) Vladivostok MSK+7 UTC+11
Khabarovsky Krai (Khabarovsk Krai) Khabarovsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Jewish Autonomous Oblast (Yevreyskaya Avtonomnaya Oblast) Birobidzhan MSK+7 UTC+11
Sakha Republic (Yakutia):
Verkhoyansky District (Verkhoyansky Ulus)
Batagay MSK+7 UTC+11
Oymyakonsky District (Oymyakonsky Ulus)
Ust-Nera MSK+7 UTC+11
Ust-Yansky District (Ust-Yansky Ulus)
Deputatsky MSK+7 UTC+11
Sakhalinskaya Oblast (Sakhalin Oblast, Sakhalin Region): Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands)
Kurilsk (Iturup island) MSK+7 UTC+11
Yuzhno-Kurilsky District (Kuril Islands)
Yuzhno-Kurilsk (Kunashir island) MSK+7 UTC+11
Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky District
Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Anivsky District
Aniva MSK+7 UTC+11
Dolinsky District
Dolinsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Korsakovsky District
Korsakov MSK+7 UTC+11
Makarovsky District
Makarov MSK+7 UTC+11
Nevelsky District
Nevelsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Nogliksky District
Nogliki MSK+7 UTC+11
Okhinsky District
Okha MSK+7 UTC+11
Poronaysky District
Poronaysk MSK+7 UTC+11
Smirnykhovsky District
Smirnykh MSK+7 UTC+11
Tomarinsky District
Tomari MSK+7 UTC+11
Tymovsky District
Tymovskoe MSK+7 UTC+11
Uglegorsky District
Uglegorsk MSK+7 UTC+11
Kholmsky District
Kholmsk MSK+7 UTC+11

Russia Time Zone 7 City / Administrative center MSK+6 UTC+10
Zabaykalsky Krai Chita MSK+6 UTC+10
Amurskaya Oblast (Amur Oblast, Amur Region) Blagoveshchensk MSK+6 UTC+10
Sakha Republic (Yakutia): Yakutsk MSK+6 UTC+10
Aldansky District (Aldansky Ulus)
Aldan MSK+6 UTC+10
Amginsky District (Amginsky Ulus)
Amga MSK+6 UTC+10
Anabarsky District (Anabarsky Ulus)
Saskylakh MSK+6 UTC+10
Bulunsky District (Bulunsky Ulus)
Tiksi MSK+6 UTC+10
Verkhnevilyuysky District (Verkhnevilyuysky Ulus)
Verkhnevilyuysk MSK+6 UTC+10
Vilyuysky District (Vilyuysky Ulus)
Vilyuysk MSK+6 UTC+10
Gorny District (Gorny Ulus)
Berdigestyakh MSK+6 UTC+10
Zhigansky Evenkiysky National District (Zhigansky Evenkiysky National Ulus)
Zhigansk MSK+6 UTC+10
Kobyaysky District (Kobyaysky Ulus)
Sangar MSK+6 UTC+10
Lensky District (Lensky Ulus)
Lensk MSK+6 UTC+10
Megino-Kangalassky District (Megino-Kangalassky Ulus)
Nizhny Bestyakh MSK+6 UTC+10
Mirninsky District (Mirninsky Ulus)
Mirny MSK+6 UTC+10
Namsky District (Namsky Ulus)
Namtsy MSK+6 UTC+10
Neryungrinsky District (Neryungrinsky Ulus)
Neryungri MSK+6 UTC+10
Nyurbinsky District (Nyurbinsky Ulus)
Nyurba MSK+6 UTC+10
Olyokminsky District (Olyokminsky Ulus)
Olyokminsk MSK+6 UTC+10
Olenyoksky Evenkiysky National District (Olenyoksky Evenkiysky National Ulus)
Olenyok MSK+6 UTC+10
Suntarsky District (Suntarsky Ulus)
Suntar MSK+6 UTC+10
Tattinsky District (Tattinsky Ulus)
Ytyk-Kyuyol MSK+6 UTC+10
Tomponsky District (Tomponsky Ulus)
Khandyga MSK+6 UTC+10
Ust-Aldansky District (Ust-Aldansky Ulus)
Borogontsy MSK+6 UTC+10
Ust-Maysky District (Ust-Maysky Ulus)
Ust-Maya MSK+6 UTC+10
Khangalassky District (Khangalassky Ulus)
Pokrovsk MSK+6 UTC+10
Churapchinsky District (Churapchinsky Ulus)
Churapcha MSK+6 UTC+10
Eveno-Bytantaysky National District (Eveno-Bytantaysky National Ulus)
Batagay-Alyta MSK+6 UTC+10

Russia Time Zone 6 City / Administrative center MSK+5 UTC+9
Irkutskaya Oblast (Irkutsk Oblast, Irkutsk Region) Irkutsk MSK+5 UTC+9
Republic of Buryatia (Buryatia) Ulan-Ude MSK+5 UTC+9

Russia Time Zone 5 City / Administrative center MSK+4 UTC+8
Krasnoyarsky Kray (Krasnoyarsk Krai) Krasnoyarsk MSK+4 UTC+8
Tyva Republic (Tyva) Kyzyl MSK+4 UTC+8
Republic of Khakassia (Khakasiya) Abakan MSK+4 UTC+8

Russia Time Zone 4 City / Administrative center MSK+3 UTC+7
Omskaya oblast (Omsk oblast, Omsk Region) Omsk MSK+3 UTC+7
Novosibirskaya Oblast (Novosibirsk oblast, Novosibirsk Region) Novosibirsk MSK+3 UTC+7
Kemerovskaya oblast (Kemerovo Oblast, Kemerovo Region) Kemerovo MSK+3 UTC+7
Tomskaya oblast (Tomsk Oblast, Tomsk Region) Tomsk MSK+3 UTC+7
Altaysky Kray (Altai Krai) Barnaul MSK+3 UTC+7
Respublika Altay (Altai Republic) Gorno-Altaysk (Gorno-Altaisk) MSK+3 UTC+7

Russia Time Zone 3 City / Administrative center MSK+2 UTC+6
Permskiy Krai (Perm Krai) Perm MSK+2 UTC+6
Kurganskaya Oblast (Kurgan Oblast, Kurgan Region) Kurgan MSK+2 UTC+6
Orenburgskaya Oblast (Orenburg Oblast, Orenburg Region) Orenburg MSK+2 UTC+6
Sverdlovskaya Oblast (Sverdlovsk Oblast, Sverdlovsk Region) Yekaterinburg MSK+2 UTC+6
Tyumenskaya Oblast (Tyumen Oblast, Tyumen Region) Tyumen MSK+2 UTC+6
Chelyabinskaya Oblast (Chelyabinsk Oblast, Chelyabinsk Region) Chelyabinsk MSK+2 UTC+6
Republic of Bashkortostan (Bashkortostan) Ufa MSK+2 UTC+6
Khanty-Mansiysky Avtonomny Okrug – Yugra (Khanty–Mansi A. O. - Yugra) Khanty-Mansiysk MSK+2 UTC+6
Yamalo-Nenetsky Avtonomny Okrug (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) Salekhard MSK+2 UTC+6

Russia Time Zone 2 City / Administrative center MSK UTC+4
Moskovskaya Oblast (Moscow Oblast, Moscow Region) Moscow MSK UTC+4
Leningradskaya oblast (Leningrad Oblast, Leningrad Region) Saint Petersburg MSK UTC+4
Arkhangelskaya Oblast (Arkhangelsk Oblast, Arkhangelsk Region) Arkhangelsk MSK UTC+4
Astrakhanskaya Oblast (Astrakhan Oblast, Astrakhan Region) Astrakhan MSK UTC+4
Belgorodskaya Oblast (Belgorod Oblast, Belgorod Region) Belgorod MSK UTC+4
Bryanskaya Oblast (Bryansk Oblast, Bryansk Region) Bryansk MSK UTC+4
Vladimirskaya Oblast (Vladimir Oblast, Vladimir Region) Vladimir MSK UTC+4
Volgogradskaya Oblast (Volgograd Oblast, Volgograd Region) Volgograd MSK UTC+4
Vologodskaya Oblast (Vologda Oblast, Vologda Region) Vologda MSK UTC+4
Voronezhskaya Oblast (Voronezh Oblast, Voronezh Region) Voronezh MSK UTC+4
Ivanovskaya Oblast (Ivanovo Oblast, Ivanovo Region) Ivanovo MSK UTC+4
Kaluzhskaya Oblast (Kaluga Oblast, Kaluga Region) Kaluga MSK UTC+4
Kirovskaya Oblast (Kirov Oblast, Kirov Region) Kirov MSK UTC+4
Kostromskaya Oblast (Kostroma Oblast, Kostroma Region) Kostroma MSK UTC+4
Kurskaya Oblast (Kursk Oblast, Kursk Region) Kursk MSK UTC+4
Lipetskaya Oblast (Lipetsk Oblast, Lipetsk Region) Lipetsk MSK UTC+4
Murmanskaya Oblast (Murmansk Oblast, Murmansk Region) Murmansk MSK UTC+4
Nizhegorodskaya Oblast (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod Region) Nizhny Novgorod MSK UTC+4
Novgorodskaya Oblast (Novgorod Oblast, Novgorod Region) Novgorod MSK UTC+4
Orlovskaya Oblast (Oryol Oblast, Orel Oblast, Oryol Region) Oryol (Orel) MSK UTC+4
Penzenskaya Oblast (Penza Oblast, Penza Region) Penza MSK UTC+4
Pskovskaya Oblast (Pskov Oblast, Pskov Region) Pskov MSK UTC+4
Rostovskaya Oblast (Rostov Oblast, Rostov Region) Rostov-na-Donu (Rostov-on-Don) MSK UTC+4
Ryazanskaya Oblast (Ryazan Oblast, Ryazan Region) Ryazan MSK UTC+4
Samarskaya Oblast (Samara Oblast, Samara Region) Samara MSK UTC+4
Saratovskaya Oblast (Saratov Oblast, Saratov Region) Saratov MSK UTC+4
Smolenskaya Oblast (Smolensk Oblast, Smolensk Region) Smolensk MSK UTC+4
Tambovskaya Oblast (Tambov Oblast, Tambov Region) Tambov MSK UTC+4
Tverskaya Oblast (Tver Oblast, Tver Region) Tver MSK UTC+4
Tulskaya Oblast (Tula Oblast, Tula Region) Tula MSK UTC+4
Ulyanovskaya Oblast (Ulyanovsk Oblast, Ulyanovsk Region) Ulyanovsk MSK UTC+4
Yaroslavskaya Oblast (Yaroslavl Oblast, Yaroslavl Region) Yaroslavl MSK UTC+4
Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (Nenets Autonomous Okrug) Naryan-Mar MSK UTC+4
Krasnodarsky Kray (Krasnodar Krai) Krasnodar MSK UTC+4
Stavropolsky Kray (Stavropol Krai) Stavropol MSK UTC+4
Republic of Adygea (Respublika Adygeya) Maykop MSK UTC+4
Republic of Dagestan (Respublika Dagestan) Makhachkala MSK UTC+4
Republic of Ingushetia (Respublika Ingushetiya) Magas MSK UTC+4
Kabardino-Balkar Republic (Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika) Nalchik MSK UTC+4
Republic of Kalmykia (Respublika Kalmykiya) Elista MSK UTC+4
Karachay-Cherkess Republic (Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Respublika) Cherkessk MSK UTC+4
Republic of Karelia (Respublika Kareliya) Petrozavodsk MSK UTC+4
Komi Republic (Respublika Komi) Syktyvkar MSK UTC+4
Mari El Republic (Respublika Mariy El) Yoshkar-Ola MSK UTC+4
Republic of Mordovia (Respublika Mordoviya) Saransk MSK UTC+4
Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (Respublika Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya) Vladikavkaz MSK UTC+4
Republic of Tatarstan (Respublika Tatarstan) Kazan MSK UTC+4
Udmurt Republic (Udmurtskaya Respublika) Izhevsk MSK UTC+4
Chechen Republic (Chechenskaya Respublika) Grozny MSK UTC+4
Chuvash Republic (Chuvashskaya Respublika, Chuvashia) Cheboksary MSK UTC+4

Russia Time Zone 1 City / Administrative center MSK-1 UTC+3
Kaliningradskaya Oblast (Kaliningrad Oblast, Kaliningrad Region) Kaliningrad MSK-1 UTC+3

*      31 August 2011, Russia - "On the composition of the territories that make up each time zone, and the procedure of calculation of time within time zones, and the repeal of certain resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation", Decree # 725 of the Government of the Russian Federation on 31 August 2011

In accordance with Article 5 of the Federal Law "On the calculation of the time" The Government of the Russian Federation decrees:

1. Moscow time as UTC+4. No seasonal clock change (Daylight Saving Time is abolished).

2. Set the following time zones and corresponding areas/cities/adiminstative centers in the Russian Federation as defined in the table above
(translated and compiled by

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