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World Time Zone Map Section # 13 with current time (24 HOUR FORMAT)
Latitude range: 25°N - 20°S;    Longitude range: 37.5°W - 37.5°E
Change Time mode: 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours.
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UTC-2 UTC-1 UTC (0) UTC+1 UTC+2 UTC+3
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UTC-3 UTC-2 UTC-1 UTC (0) UTC+1 UTC+2
Sudan changed its time zone from UTC+3 to UTC+2 on November 1, 2017. Updated World Time Zones map.



Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)- most popular standard for Mobile phones in the world. GSM service is used in more than 210 countries and territories.

GSM World Coverage Map- GSM Country List

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Masai Village Kenya
Masai Village, Kenya

Cheetah Masai Mara Kenya Africa
Cheetah, Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa

Cheetah with impala kill Serengeti National Park
Cheetah with African antelope (impala) kill, Serengeti National Park

Mount Kilimanjaro highest mountain in Africa
Mount Kilimanjaro- highest mountain in Africa

Lion pride with wildebeest kill Tanzania
Lion pride with wildebeest killá Tanzania

View of Ngorongoro Crater large volcanic caldera
Ngorongoro Crater- large volcanic caldera

Small village outside of Livingstonia Malawi Africa
Small village outside of Livingstonia, Malawi, Africa

Kids in Malawi Africa
Kids in Malawi, Africa

Victoria Falls on the Zambian side
Victoria Falls on the Zambian side

The Victoria Falls Bridge
The Victoria Falls Bridge

Zambezi River and The Victoria Falls Bridge
Zambezi River and The Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls
The Victoria Falls

South African Airways flight over Angola
South African Airways flight over Angola

UTC (0)
Plane taking off from Dakar, Senegal
Plane taking off from Dakar, Senegal

Sunrise over Santo Antao Cape Verde
Sunrise over Santo Antao, Cape Verde


Interactive Time Map for
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

interactive time map for Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Time and date in relation to other locations around the World